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  • Welcome to Dilmah Thailand.

    Dilmah is a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea. We are a family-owned company founded on a passion and lifetime devoted to tea.


    Dilmah Single Region Selection

    The tea you love, hand-picked in the region best suited to its flavour. Featuring English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Earl Grey and Ceylon Supreme.


    Aug 22

    Project, History of Ceylon Tea Website; A Dilmah Initiative

    In 1866, when Scotsman James Taylor planted 19 acres of Field no; 7 on Loolecondera Estate, Hewaheta, with a few tea seedlings, he would not have dreamt that he was also sowing the seed for an economic and social revolution, that would reshape the landscape and the future direction of the remote island he had […]

    Aug 22

    Three things to ponder on the 150th Anniversary of the World’s Finest Tea

    The Colombo International Tea Convention 2017 concluded on Friday, elegantly supported by our most accomplished cricketer and commended by several of the international delegates as the most significant gathering of the global tea industry. For many reasons it was so, and the breadth of expertise and commentary that was shared at the convention was a […]


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