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    Real Tea, with tradition, ethics and style

    Tea was fashionable in the early 1900s, but then became a commodity as the small family businesses that popularised the enjoyment of tea through their commitment to quality, were taken over. Today, Dilmah is unique in driving innovation in the tea category, and in fulfilling a commitment to consumers to bring quality back to tea.

    Declaring their commitment to authenticity Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988. Dilmah evolved the concept of Single Origin with the introduction of Watte Single Region Tea, which gives tea drinkers a glimpse into tea from the four premier tea growing regions of Ceylon. In 2006 Dilmah presented the ultimate indulgence – Watte Single Estate Tea – tea from four of Ceylon’s finest tea gardens which present the rare and distinctive taste of the best of the four premier tea growing regions of Ceylon.

    The Dilmah t-Series designer gourmet teas are a boutique tea collection that is nothing short of a revolution in tea. Indulgent, chic and elegant the t-Series presents the finest teas the world has to offer. Each year Dilmah selects teas from the finest estates around Sri Lanka and offer these as limited edition collections of Seasonal Flush and Ultimate Estate Teas, offering tea aficionados the pleasure of experiencing some of the finest teas that were hitherto the private reserve of teamakers.

    An innovative hospitality tea experience

    The Dilmah Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience is designed to offer a unique experience in tea to guests in any hospitality situation. Dilmah fuses quality, authenticity, passion and ethics with the romance and sensory adventure that tea offers to form the Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience which aims to change the way the world perceives tea.

    Signature events such as the Dilmah Thé Culinaire and Dilmah Tea Sommelier are innovations in the tea category that seeks to educate and inspire hospitality professionals to offer their guests a totally new tea experience. Thé Culinaire marries tea as an essential ingredient in food where professional chefs in the industry compete and showcase their cooking skills and creativity using tea as a base in producing a complete meal par excellence. The Tea Sommelier Competition is a showcase of skill and creativity in producing exceptional cocktails, mocktails and traditional hot beverages using Ceylon’s Finest Tea.

    The Dilmah Real High Tea Ceremony brings back quality and tradition in tea to the High Tea ceremonies in hotels around the world. In July 2008 Dilmah evolved the culinary experience of tea further with the ‘Chefs and the Tea Maker’ series, bringing down eight celebrated chefs from prestigious Australian establishments to Sri Lanka and inspiring them to produce a collection of tea based food and beverage recipes. Continuing the success of the Australian event, the Global Chefs & the Tea Maker programme was launched in July 2010 which brought together celebrated chefs from over 12 countries.

    These events foster greater interest in quality tea, and greater respect for this healthy, natural and indulgent beverage.